Florida Charter School Conference

The FCSC Team

Program Committee

  • Ms. Bonnie Arnold, Board Chair, Lone Star High School and Murray Hill High School, Duval County Accelerated Learning Solutions Charter Schools
  • Mrs. Michelle Belcher, Business Manager, Walton Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Dr. Sonia Esposito, Director, Charter Schools and Ed. Choices, Osceola School District
  • Ms. Melissa Gross-Arnold, Attorney, The Arnold Law Firm
  • Ms. Winifred Jenkins-Rice, Director of Educational Programs, Institute for School Innovation
  • Mrs. Brenda Kearse, Principal, A. T. Jones Math, Science, & Technology Academy
  • Ms. Mily Lopez, Grantwriter, Student, Event Marketing Coordinator, Acting for All ,Inc. dba Academy of Arts & Minds Charter High School
  • Mr. Peter Morcombe, Teacher
  • Dr. Thomas Murray, Chairman, Board of Directors , Lutz Preparatory School & UCF Faculty
  • Ms. Lynn Norman-Teck, Director of Communications, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
  • Dr. David Ross, Professor of Educational/Organizational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University
  • Mrs. Crisha Scolaro, Founder and Community Liaison, Pepin Academies
  • Dr. Carolyn Scott, Principal, Pepin Academies
  • Ms. Cheri Shannon, Chief Executive Officer, Florida Charter School Alliance
  • Mrs. Patti Simmons, Coordinator, Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Dr. Phyllis Todd, Director, Spectrum Education Academy
  • Mr. Terry Wiseman, Vice President of Operations, ACH of America

Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice (IEPC)

  • Mr. Michael D. Kooi, Esq., Executive Director
  • Ms. Jean Miller, Deputy Executive Director
  • Mr. Adam Miller, Charter Schools Director
  • Ms. Lacrest McCary, Charter Schools Policy Analyst
  • Ms. Tera Teders, Charter Schools Training Coordinator
  • Ms. Karen Hines-Henry, Charter Schools Communications
  • Ms. Helen Giraitis, CSP Grant Driector
  • Ms. Charlene Burke, Grant Specialist
  • Ms. Heather Harrell, Grant Specialist
  • Ms. Laura Pond, Grant Specialist
  • Dr. Chris Muire, Educational Policy Director
  • Ms. Julia Somers-Arthur, IEPC Training Coordinator
  • Ms. Yolanda Miranda-Hill, Voluntary Public School Choice Program Manager
  • Ms. Fenglan Yu, Data Specialist
  • Ms. Lisa Luna, Program Specialist
  • Ms. Jacqueline Hitchcock, Program Specialist
  • Ms. Allison Rudd, Charter Schools Staff Assistant

FCSC Production Team

  • Ms. Kristen Davis, American Audio-Visual
  • Mr. Dalton Morgan, Doubletree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
  • Ms. Lynn Mueller, Doubletree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
  • Ms. Mary Lee Kiracofe, Florida Eduation Foundation
  • Ms. Deb Schroder, Florida Education Foundation
  • Ms. Noëlle Bonard, Meeting Room B, LLC
  • Ms. Laurie Levine, Events for Learning, LLC
  • Mr. John Green, National Expo
  • Ms. Myrna Thomas, On Queue Creative, LLC






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